Friday, 8 May 2009

Pisa - The main attraction.

The main attractions of Pisa - first the Baptistry with the Cathedral and Tower behind.

Battistero - Duomo - Torre.



  1. Hello, i'm going pisa next week. Can i ask is that a long queue for climbing the leaning tower of pisa in this season? Is it necessary to book it in advance?

  2. From what I can remember - there is a ticket office and when you pay for your ticket they give you the time you can enter the tower.

    My wife and son went in the tower but I decided I did not want to climb the 300 odd steps - this was January and they had to wait about 45 minutes.

    I would imagine that in June the wait could be several hours but of course once you have bought your ticket and got your entrance time then you can wonder off and return later.

    Watch for pickpockets - we did not see any and there were plenty of police around - the area has a bad reputation for thefts.

    See my Blog for pictures of the stairs .....

    Enjoy your visit.